Company Opportunity

We are looking for passionate companies to partner with our technology cooperative and innovation centre. Its 10,000 square feet of historical big rooms and private offices connected to Kaslo infoNet independent internet service, a 10 gigabit pipe & fibre network, with datacenter in the old village jail. There is an equally sized front yard and backyard overlooking the Kootenay Lake where we host weekly socials to bring the community together.

Where? Kaslo to start, and soon every community! The Village of Kaslo is the oldest incorporated community in the Kootenays and has a diverse history with immigrants and first nations caring for and living off the land. It is the traditional territories of the Sinixt, the Syilx, and the Ktunaxa peoples, and home to many diverse indigenous persons including the Metis.

With its stunning location and adjacency to the larger centres of Southern British Columbia, the Kaslo/Kootenay Lake area is a diverse plurality of rural business, lifestyle and opportunities. Boasting powerful natural assets coupled with an optimal climate for summer and winter pursuits, the area is a strategic business investment location for entrepreneurs leaving the big city. With the 30 year success of the Kaslo Jazz Etc Festival and addition of Fibre Internet, the Village of Kaslo hopes to support existing business, while working with new investors and entrepreneurs to build regenerative living.

What? Creative and digital technology spaces tied together with fibre internet and programs that educate and develop applications for the wealth of the community and environment. We have unique living solutions for members and companies that join!

Who? Community & Regional Innovators with Local Youth and Global Mentors. Currently a small but mighty group of professionals and technology developers that are building on digital products right away.

When? 2021-2022

Why?  Digital Technology is the number 1 industry on earth and BC is a national supercluster. Regenerative business is key to integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature. We need better civic engagement events around these topics.

How? We will support the community digital and regenerative transformation with our own application and infrastructure development. These products will replace many of the most used of mainstream proprietary applications and we will create new and major revenue streams for the region. We will also attract new entrepreneurs to the smart region to work with locals in the community. Many of these entrepreneurs could live in our Living Lab, offering affordable living with low cost natural housing, food growing systems, shared electric transportation and micro-grid energy. It is an experimental zone with makerspaces, creative collectives, incubator/accelerator programs for new technologies and business with intergenerational programs.

These new rural villages begin with open data standards and civic engagement platforms to co-create its design with bioregional data first.

Through experimentation and education, the village updates in real time and enables its residents to live in a circular economy with regenerative design.

Each new village becomes part of a global network of other villages that work together and share learnings to solve the greatest challenges of our time.

We are looking to partner with you and your members, customers and employers. We need regional technology solutions, datasets, professionals, schools and educators. Some regional interests to start…

Creative Experiences
Civic Engagement
Regenerative Living
Shared Mobility
Food Security

Artificial Intelligence
3D Printing
Blockchain Applications
Drones and Robotics
Internet of Things

and anything else you would like. Let us know!

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Drop in! 312 4th Street Kaslo BC