Our latest updates

May 2024

Kootenay Lake Innovation Centre (KLIC) is in its fourth year of operating a Non-Profit Society for Open Source Technology & Creative Coworking Space from the Kemball Building in Kaslo. Our community has the opportunity to blend creativity with business development in a shared space with innovative programs. We accommodate youth, older adults, creatives, non-profits, technologists and entrepreneurs to grow business with a new economy workforce.

Where? Kaslo, but part of the bioregional coworking and national innovation centre collective.

What? Creative and digital technology spaces tied together with fibre internet and programs that educate and develop resilient infrastructure for the wealth of the community and environment.

Who? Local professionals & partner organizations supporting critical community organization initiatives.

When? 2024 and beyond!

Why? Digital Technology is the number 1 industry on earth and BC is a national supercluster. Regenerative business is key to integrate the needs of society with integrity of nature. We need better civic engagement events around these topics and support the creation of affordable living so everyone can focus on, and invest in climate action.

How? We will support the community digital and regenerative transformation with our own application and infrastructure development. These products will replace many of the most used of mainstream proprietary applications and we will create new and major revenue streams for the region. Please read about the LightWeb. We will also attract new entrepreneurs to the smart regions to work with locals into the community. Our civic engagement platform will bring forward solutions to housing, food, energy, mobility and resilience.



8 board members

10 partners including The Langham Cultural Center, Selkirk College, Kootenay Associate of Science and Technology, Coworking BC, Canadian Accelerator and Incubator Network, Kaslo infoNet, Chamber of Commerce, Village of Kaslo

Hundreds of people who have attended events at the Kemball and support us in our initiatives

Space + Service Desires

  • Community Cloud with computing services including application development for local business
  • Comfortable furniture, phone booths, meeting technology, expandable spaces + lounge and kitchen
  • KAST Startup: connection to coaches + consultants in technology, marketing, operations etc.
  • Living Lab, including real affordable housing for locals and entrepreneurs who need to spend more on their business and less on living. Health, Wellness and Creative Spaces.
  • Kootenay OS Programs (below)

Action Plan

  • Launch open source software and datacentre program Lightweb and solicit community for support and feedback on next apps to develop
  • Monthly community engagement events and technology programs below
  • Fine tune business plan with revenue generating product and membership goals for program and operational funding from sponsors

Our Programs

Technology Programs

Web Development & Data Science + AI Cohort

Next Steps If interested in learning more, please email us at klic@kootenays.org